Gerber Unveils AccuMark 10

Gerber Technology introduced AccuMark 10, which features a fully integrated 3D solution for garment development and pattern making. AccuMark 10 will be available in the spring of 2015, with the 3D solution as an optional module.

The new version will allow designers to share 3D images and motion files, furthering collaboration and centralization of data. Designers will have a real-life visualization of designs and be able to make pattern corrections that can then be seen in 3D.

"AccuMark 10 will truly transform the pattern making process," said Mary McFadden, director, CAD product management at Gerber Technology. "This technology will bring a new level of efficiency and speed to design, and the optional 3D technology will fully integrate with our AccuMark software."

"Gerber Technology recognizes the impact 3D will have on the lives of its customers," said Mike Elia, CEO Gerber Technology. "3D will be a disruptive technology. Its applications are broad and will have an impact from the creative and garment development process to merchandising and e-commerce," said Elia. "But you can't wear a digital garment. Our current breadth of technology positions us to lead the way in creating solutions for our customers with 3D, and enhancing the design process through automated manufacturing and full product line management."

Customer feedback led to Gerber's initial 3D focus, recognizing that accurate 3D visualization will dramatically reduce the time involved in development and sample making. "This is a very important development from the creative perspective," said McFadden."It allows designers to unleash their creativity in a real-life visualization of designs that could previously only be imagined through 2D sketches."

Gerber was the first to introduce CAD pattern making software for the apparel industry. Today, AccuMark CAD systems are used by more than 14,000 customers and some of the world's leading fashion brands. Gerber has a history of bringing forward innovations and technologies that optimize customers' design and manufacturing processes. They hold a unique position in the fashion and apparel industry, being the first to launch technologies that have become the benchmarks for CAD Pattern Making Software and automated spreading and cutting machines.

Gerber Technology is aggressively working on future 3D applications to address the broad range of needs in the areas of garment testing, the movement of fabric and fit, merchandising and e-commerce. "Managing data and helping our customers to gain insight quickly is becoming more and more important in the fashion industry, said Elia. "Looking at the broad landscape and identifying ways to leverage technologies like 3D and others at different points across the supply chain will continue to be our focus in the future."
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