AI in Marketing
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Getting Granular On AI in Marketing

Michael Connor AWS
Michael Connor, Global CPG Leader, AWS

The use of generative AI has transformational potential in retail and consumer goods, but reducing the risk of bias and potentially alienating consumers is critical for long-term success. Though advancements on this front are in progress, there’s still more work to be done. 

Building off the recent Beyond the Hype: How AI is Reshaping Retail & CPG Marketing infographic, this conversation with Michael Connor, Global CPG Leader at AWS, digs into some of the most exciting ways it can be used in the industry and what leaders should know about developing responsible use frameworks.  

Watch to learn how this technology is different from existing tools, considerations for its use, and some of the biggest misconceptions about the use of generative AI. 

About the Speaker

Michael Connor works with AWS and leads worldwide product development for the retail and consumer goods industries. His role is to build industry solutions to help customers to meet their goals for revenue growth and digital transformation using cloud technologies. Connor brings a wealth of consumer goods experience from his previous role as chief architect for Coca-Cola Freestyle where he led digital innovation, data science and analytics, and enterprise architecture.