GlenGuard Debuts Lightweight, High-Visibility FR Fabric

When workers get too hot, they are more likely to trade compliance for comfort. GlenGuard™ has taken its patented "no melt, no drip," unrivaled arc flash and flash protection, inherently flame resistant fabric and raised the bar to create Hi-Vis Style 1400 and Hi-Vis Anti-Stat Style 1500. The innovative design results in a brighter yellow mesh and a 10 percent reduction in weight compared to GlenGuard's industry leading Hi-Vis Style 1100 and 1200 Anti-Stat. Brighter fabric means workers will be more visible, keeping them safer on the job.

GlenGuard Hi-Vis Style 1400 and 1500 Anti-Stat are specifically designed to make safety vests more comfortable without sacrificing protection. Most options available today are woven fabrics weighing 7 oz or more, but the new GlenGuard Hi-Vis fabrics are lightweight knit meshes that pass ANSI/ISEA 107-2010.Lighter weight vests made from GlenGuard Hi-Vis and worn over flame resistant workwear allow workers to be more comfortable and less likely to want to cheat compliance. The safety vests are ideal for use in the oil and gas industry, electrical and gas utilities, transportation, industrial, highway construction, government and military sectors where compliance is key.

GlenGuard is known for providing the ultimate in comfort and protection by manufacturing lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep wearers cool and comfortable while on the job. Hi-Vis Style 1400 and 1500 Anti-Stat take comfort to the next level. Learn more and discover the entire innovative GlenGuard family of products at

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