GNC Expands Brand Experience with Digital Receipts

GNC has rolled out digital receipts to further the brand experience beyond the point of purchase. The nutritional supplement retailer has streamlined and unified the receipt process and added another touchpoint to the transaction.

The solution powered by flexReceipts sends digital receipts via validated e-mail to shoppers, allowing for increased marketing potential. The greatest benefit in the early going has been the ability to 100% ensure that the e-mail provided to the retailer is valid. E-mail validation serves two purposed: it grants GNC access to a customer's e-mail for marketing purposes and ensures that those that requested a digital receipt actually receives it.

"We know that customers often feel pressured to give an e-mail at the point of sale and might give a secondary address that they use for marketing messages," David R. Sims, Vice President CRM, GNC says. "But the digital receipt likely warrants their good address. As long as we remain relevant we can maintain a presence in that environment."

In many cases retailers have one look and feel for their in-store receipts and a completely different experience with their e-com or mobile receipts. Digital receipt solutions like flexReceipts allow retailers to unify the experience.

"Retailers go through a significant expense and a lengthy process to build their brand image," flexReceipts CEO Tomas Diaz says. "Why not extend the brand experience with a unified, html-based receipt."

GNC's SKUs are constantly evolving with the ebb and flow of supplement popularity and as new products are introduced to the market. The retailer is able to leverage the flexReceipts solution to market to those customers who are likely the most interested in a new product based off of past purchases.

"As we continually innovate and add new products to categories or create better formulas for existing ones, we want to tell that story to our customers," Sims said. "Rather than blasting the message out to half of the database, we can use the digital receipt as a vehicle to communicate that to those that just purchased a product in that product family."

In addition the flexReceipts solution offers retailers the ability to target offers, embed video and allows for seamless sharing of purchases on social media.
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