Got Hot Flashes? Throw On These Tanks and Tunics

From Nov. 5 through Dec. 5, will release its first line of temperature-regulating apparel that helps control or eliminate hot flashes. First orders will be accepted via PrettyCool Woman's crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo and via the web site.

"Our first products are the CoolingTank and the CoolingTunic," says company president and co-founder Debra J. Solomon, M.D. "I wanted something to maximize temperature regulation while integrating into both professional and casual wardrobes without sacrificing style."

Over 15 million women have menopause-related hot flashes at any one time in the U.S. alone. Mature women at the top of their careers are important producers in the U.S. They don't want hot flashes and night sweats affecting their comfort, mental focus, sleep, mood and appearance. More than mere distraction, hot flashes can impact on career, relationships, health and safety. Says Solomon, "Wearing our tanks and tunics day and night eliminated my discomfort. Our testers report life-changing results as well. This is a simple, safe and effective solution that will diminish or eliminate hot flashes for most women without complications or medication side effects."

The garments incorporate advanced Phase Change Materials developed for NASA space suits, along with advanced wicking. It's in firefighting gear, some high performance athletic wear and even shipping materials. But, says Solomon, "We seem to be the first company to focus on the needs of middle-aged women entering menopause. I think it took an insider to bridge fashion and function successfully."

After the IndieGoGo campaign ends on Dec. 5, orders can be submitted directly to the company's web site or on
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