Grand Opening of Nilit's New State-of-the-Art Nylon Facility, Suzhou China

Migdal Ha'emek, Israel - June 16, 2008 - Nilit , a global manufacturer and leader in the production of nylon 6.6, officially opened its new nylon production facility in Suzhou in China's Jiangsu province on June 3, 2008.

Nilit hosted a formal celebration with customers and dignitaries to commemorate the grand opening. Nilit's executive representatives included Michael Levi - Chairman of Nilit Group, Arie Gottlieb - General Manager of Nilit Group, Fabio Kahn - Director Fibers Division, Rami Bitensky - Joint General Manager of Nilit Suzhou, as well as prominent guests Uri Guttman - Consul General of Israel in China, Yang Jianzhong - Deputy Secretary Vice Chairman SIPAC, and Joachim Diezl - Vice President Oerlikon Barmag.

Upon arrival at the Suzhou plant for the grand opening ceremony, guests enjoyed a celebration of Suzhou culture. Greeted by hostesses in authentic dress, visitors were welcomed by an exhibition of local music and dance. Bells, drums and a dragon dance created an exciting atmosphere for the guests.

The event in Suzhou, which was attended by more than 150 leading members of the sector, began with a welcome address by Mr. Michael Levi, Chairman of Nilt Group. "It is with great pride that we welcome the new Suzhou plant into Nilit's global manufacturing network," said Levi. He continued to say, "It is the culmination of much planning and Nilit's vision of offering a comprehensive service to its Chinese customers and its continuing efforts to build up strong relationships with major manufacturers in the region."

Mr. Arie Gottlieb, General Manager of Nilit Group, then gave a brief history of the company describing Nilit's growth and global expansion in the production of nylon 6.6 fibers for the apparel industry and engineering thermoplastics for industrial applications. He outlined that in the initial stages, the Suzhou plant will produce textured nylon yarns, but that plans are underway to expand production capacity and to add spinning capabilities. The facility will employ approximately 100 local workers.

Representing Nilit's customers, Mr. Andrew Sia. Chairman of ACE Style group and Hong Kong Intimate Apparel Association, addressed the gathering. Praising Nilit for the company's vision and innovation, Andrew Sia compared the manufacture of textiles to the baking of a perfect cake. "We, the textile manufacturers, strive to create a perfect product (the cake) and can only achieve this because we can depend on the finest ingredients which you provide (Nilit yarns.).
Mr. Uri Guttman, the Consul General of Israel in China then praised the on-going expansion of activities by Israeli manufacturers in China, emphasizing the mutually beneficial results arising from these collaborations.

The ceremony culminated with a lion dance and the traditional painting of the eyes of the lion, symbolizIng good fortune and prosperity, which was performed by Mr. Rami Bitensky Joint General Manager of Nilit Suzhou, and Mr. Yang Jianzhong Deputy Secretary Vice Chairman SIPAC. The distinguished guests were then invited on to the platform to cut the ribbon, and the ceremony reached its peak as fire-crackers were ignited and colorful flowers were sprayed in the air.

A conducted tour of the plant followed, and thereafter the guests were invited to the nearby CIsland Spa Hotel for a festive luncheon featuring local cuisine.

Following the luncheon, a presentation was made by Ilana Joselowitz, well known Israeli fashion designer and Nilit's global trend consultant. The presentation "BODY LANGUAGE" highlighted macro consumer directions and an overview of global Lingerie and Bodywear trends.

The presentation was succeeded by a fashion show which was enthusiastically received by all who attended. The show featured concept garments created and developed in NILIT's own R & D Department, as well as leading Bodywear and Activewear products from the global market place, which connected the latest fashion trends to Nilit's special performance fibers.
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