Greg Girard of IDC Talks Artificial Intelligence

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

The 2017 Retail And Consumer Goods Analytics Summit (RCAS) took place April 26-28 at The Drake in Chicago, IL, where industry and technology expert speakers helped executive attendees from across retail and consumer goods get the information they need to make an impact on their business today.

Here, RCAS speaker Greg Girard, Program Director, World-Wide Omni-Channel Retail Analytics Strategies, IDC Retail Insights talks about the real world uses for artificial intelligence and how retail needs to be an analytics-first world. He explains the six things artificial intelligence needs to do and explores the commodity of data.

Girard presented the session "Forward Look: The Evolution of AI" at RCAS. Girard's research focuses primarily on advanced analytics for improving merchandising, marketing, and customer strategies. Of late his interests have turned to artificial intelligence—machine learning and new data sources applied to traditional analytical tasks and areas hitherto not addressed by traditional analytics.

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