Grocery’s Reimagination: The Tech Powering the Grocery Wars


Grocery is the latest retail segment recalibrating as part of a digital transformation, spurred by consumers bringing their heightened cross-channel expectations into their weekly food shopping.

In order to adjust to the new demands of seamless customer-centric experiences, grocers are taking hard looks at their operations, the tech powering them, and the customer data that can guide them toward more profitable experiences.

Grocery Wars 2020: Major Trends Reshaping the Grocery Landscape, a webinar hosted by RIS and presented by OneView Commerce, explores:    

  • The slew of tech helping make anytime, anywhere shopping seamless -- and what businesses need to do make them scale
  • How Kroger's shift from project-based to product-based mentality is helping the chain future-proof itself
  • The importance of aligning new initiatives with a next-gen IT roadmap for ongoing evolution
  • Why centralized transaction processing matters when it comes to scan-and-go adoption
  • What's needed to deliver personalized and predictable shopping experiences
  • How to weigh the balance of developing concepts versus evolving an existing strategy
  • Why tying them your fulfillment options together is critical to an effective experience

Joining RIS' Tim Denman are Linda Palanza, CEO of OneView Commerce; Anne Johns, managing director of software solutions for Pomeroy; and Drew Whiting, director of digital Strategy and Planning for Kroger.

The full transcript is below, as well as the slides from the presentation.