Guess' Localized Synergy Between Digital and Physical

Guess announced that it will be one of Radius8's launch partners this summer, rolling out the new tech platform to help its shoppers find the products they see online at their local store.  

The technology platform creates a direct connection from any consumer’s device to the physical retail store that’s closest to them. Instead of consumers having to drill down on a retailer’s e-commerce site to see if items are available locally,  the solutions provides instant access to the store’s best-selling inventory, local buying trends, and store-only deals that drive traffic and sales right into the store.

“Radius8’s technology is connecting the synergy between two valuable channels -- online and offline," said Edward Park, SVP, head of retail and e-commerce, Guess. "[It will allow us to] truly respond to our customers’ needs and wants in their local areas across all 450-plus of the Guess, G by Guess, and Guess Kids North American stores.”

The Radius8 platform leverages retailers' current technologies and marries it with Radius8's cloud-based analytics and intelligence around the radius of a store, providing valuable insight to better understand “local” online browsing activity of a retailer’s website. Retailers can use the Radius8 web-based interfaces to dynamically market, merchandise and promote store-specific inventory and events, in real time, responding to local trends and preferences in unprecedented ways.

“We leverage the convenience and reach of the retailer’s existing digital channels by enabling their brick and mortar stores to proactively and seamlessly communicate what’s locally available,” said Sandeep Bhanote, Radius8 co-founder and CEO. “This is the reverse of what happens today where consumers have to hunt an entire e-commerce site to see if products are in-stock at the local store. Radius8 drives increased foot traffic and motivated buyers to the store, more effectively monetizing local store inventory. Radius8 makes the store come alive for an easy shopping experience.”