Hallmark Deploys POS Solution

Hallmark Cards Inc. selected Fujitsu to provide a complete cloud-based, retail-as-a-service (RaaS) solution for its more than 2,500 independent retailers and corporate stores in the U.S. Hallmark and its independent retailers will use a monthly subscription model to cover a combination of Fujitsu TeamPoS and third-party hardware, software, support, maintenance and data center hosting services. The 10-year contract calls for the solution to be deployed over the next three years.
“With our commitment to a retail-as-a-service strategy, our stores will essentially be able to sun their point-of-sale and merchandise management operations through a subscription services, making those processes easier, faster and less expensive,” said Mike Goodwin, chief information officer for Hallmark Cards, Inc. “By creating a single, centralized platform that provides real-time updates on merchandise status, this end-to-end solution from Fujitsu will allow our sales associates to stop worrying about computing systems and focus all their attention on providing great customer service.”
Fujitsu will work with Hallmark to provide infrastructure design support, technical support, standard procedure development and assistance with more complex technical issues. The solution will provide:
deployment, support and maintenance of Hallmark’s retail software technology infrastructure, using software by Tomax, as a private cloud solution hosted by Fujitsu Cloud; full PoS integration services; complete, real-time inventory management services; Web portal ordering service and installation, de-installation, maintenance and repair of all equipment.
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