Hanesbrands Pledges Haiti Assistance, Reports Sewing Operations Impacted

In a press release, Hanesbrands said it has pledged assistance to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti after three of its four sewing contractors in the country were impacted by the disaster.

Hanesbrands said it uses Haiti for "a small percentage of its overall production." The apparel company said it is tapping into its global supply chain to rebalance its manufacturing efforts for minimal disruption.

Hanesbrands reports that one of the four Haiti plants, located in the north of the country near the Dominican Republic border, did not suffer damage and is operating at full capacity. Two of the other three near Port-au-Prince have reported little to no damage, Hanesbrands says, and one has reported some structural damage. They are all expected, however, to be impacted by problems with the local infrastructure.

"We are working diligently to determine how we can get supplies and in-kind aid to Haiti, and we will be contributing to international aid agencies," said Gerald Evans, Hanesbrands' president, international business and global supply chain.

The local contractors there sew men's casualwear and underwear T-shirts.
Hanesbrands noted that most of its T-shirt sewing is carried out in the Dominican Republic and Central America.

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