Hastings Accelerates Inventory Management with Mobile Computers

U.S. multimedia superstore Hastings Entertainment recently deployed 750 Datalogic Skorpio Gun rugged mobile computers throughout its 146 stores to optimize inventory management. Offering sales, rentals and buy-backs, the company selected the solution for its mobility and speed in tracking its constantly changing product flow.
The Skorpio Gun allows Hastings to quickly and accurately scan product barcodes. The computers use Green Spot technology, which projects a green spot right on the code, giving Hastings employees instant verification that the code has been read without requiring extra time to check the computer's screen.
"It was just so much faster than [our employees] had ever seen with our applications on top of it," says Kristi Wall, POS installations project manager for Hastings.
In addition to accelerating inventory management, Skorpio Gun's sturdy and durable design helps Hastings reduce maintenance costs. "We were spending far too much money trying to maintain our old units," explains Wall.
Running the easy-to-use Wavelink Avalanche software for remote management, the Skorpio Gun also efficiently executes software and security encryption key updates. Since deploying the computers, 10 updates have been installed system-wide without any problems.
"We logged in, pushed out our package, we made one phone call," explains Wall. "Employees simply rebooted the scanners and all units were updated. There was virtually no impact to the stores."
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