HDWool to Debut Biodegradable Insulation in Munich

HDWool®, a manufacturer of naturally adaptive, traceable wool-based insulation for outdoor apparel, will unveil its latest product at ISPO, the world's biggest outdoor clothing and equipment exhibition in Munich in February 2015.

HDWool® Thermal Comfort™, the brand new, biodegradable, natural personal insulation, has been developed by a team with more than 127 years' experience in the wool industry, to solve the issues caused by traditional garment insulation in outdoor apparel, such as leaving the wearer feeling overheated, under-insulated and generally uncomfortable.

When used as internal insulation, HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ enables the wearer to walk further, climb higher and explore longer. The special wool inside HD Wool® Thermal Comfort™ is hand-selected from the right breed of sheep which grows the perfect type of wool for highly resilient, customizable, hard-wearing yet light outdoor performance wear. HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ is the ultimate natural product, because it comes from a renewable source, and at the end of its life, is entirely biodegradable. This renewable source is guaranteed to be entirely traceable, using the company's unique organic tracer.

By using highly resilient wool, HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ offers the most insulation with the least amount of weight, and naturally retains its shape. HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ absorbs moisture from the air next to the skin and holds it away from the body, keeping the wearer more comfortable for longer. Holding up to 33 per cent of its own weight in water before it feels damp, HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ therefore has far superior moisture-management capabilities compared with traditional garment insulation currently on the market. The hand-selected wool is combined with a corn-starch based polymer which helps it maintain structure, creating a very warm yet light filling which traps air and absorbs moisture.

HDWool® Technical Director, Dave Halley, said: "We know how frustrating it is to be enjoying the outdoors but not have the best gear for the job.  We wanted to create a natural product using wool, as this gives the ultimate in wearer comfort and maintains the performance of the insulation whilst ensuring the wearer doesn't overheat.

"Our passion is wool and we've studied how its helps sheep survive and thrive in their natural environment. We have used this knowledge to create the perfect performance product for the active people who find they overheat during such activity. In addition, HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ is the solution to the age-old problem of what to wear in a climate that can change quickly from cold to warm and back again."

Dave added: "We are looking forward to introducing HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ at ISPO 2015 in Munich. Our innovative product is truly naturally adaptive and it's intuitive enough to adapt to the needs of the body. Just think about how wool protects the humble sheep that lives in climates as varied as the Australian desert to the Scottish mountains. Our desire to demonstrate the provenance and authenticity of our product lead us to embed our unique organic tracer into HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ which guarantees its origin. Brands who choose to use HDWool® Thermal Comfort™ can customize the product depending on their audience, using natural, renewable wool which we believe is the most technically advanced fibre in the world."

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