This Heated Apparel Startup Is Aiming for the Big Leagues with Investment Dreams on Seed Invest


Ravean, the smart apparel that allows users to control their temperature, direct heat where they want it, and charge their mobile devices on the go, is now accepting investments on

SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform that only accepts approximately 1 percent of the companies that apply. Thanks to Ravean’s track record as the most successful heated apparel product in crowdfunding history and more than 30,000 items sold to date, Ravean passed the extensive SeedInvest vetting process and is now offering the opportunity for everyone to invest in the company.

“Our mission is to become the number-one powered and heated wearables brand in the world,” said Ravean co-founder Bryce Fisher. “SeedInvest is a superb platform for rapid growth startups like ours. It allows our fans and customers to join us on our mission, and grow with us. Usually early investment opportunities like this are limited to wealthy insiders, but on SeedInvest you can own a piece of our company for as little as $500.”

Ravean was founded in 2015, and before launching partnered with the "Godfather of heated technology", Steven Yue, the inventor and factory owner of leading heated wearables technology. On Oct. 1, 2015, after securing a perpetual exclusive license to five worldwide patents, Ravean launched its heated jacket on Kickstarter and it became the second-most-funded apparel item in crowdfunding history. Ravean has since raised more than $2.6 million crowdfunding, and generated lifetime revenue of $4.5 million (including deferred revenue).

The Ravean team has 60+ years of combined manufacturing and supply chain experience, 30+ years of brand and product development experience, and 10+ years of e-commerce and marketing experience and is poised and ready to grow to the next level.

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