Helzberg Diamonds Adds Augmented Reality to Its Next-Gen Store Concept

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Helzberg Diamonds has introduced its newest store concept featuring augmented reality (AR) technology, the Helzberg virtual ring experience, which bridges the online and in-store experience.

"We know before there's ever a marriage proposal, future grooms and brides spend significant time online researching purchase considerations and exploring engagement ring preferences," said Beryl Raff, chairwoman, and CEO of Helzberg Diamonds. "Understanding that online shopping often serves as the 'front door' to our retail stores helped us develop our next generation digital store concept. The new technology, like our virtual ring experience, creates a natural bridge between the online and in-store customer experience."

A first in the jewelry industry, the Helzberg virtual ring experience allows couples to virtually try on more than 100 ring styles in multiple viewing angles. With this technology, customers can share photos of their selections through social media and e-mail to get instant reactions from family and friends.

"Some guests know exactly what they want, while others want to explore an endless aisle of possibilities from the size and shape of a diamond or gemstone, to the metal type, to the setting style. Helzberg virtual ring experience is a great tool to help customers find the perfect ring and give them greater confidence in their jewelry-purchasing decisions," said Raff. 

The AR concept is a part of a broader strategy around customer interaction in both the digital and physical space. The company now has seven "next-generation" stores which feature the ring experience and other digital enhancements with plans to double that amount by late 2019.

In addition to the ring AR experience, the company also enhanced their diamond room experience in the next-generation stores. Customers can view their selected diamond on a 24" 4K screen where they can easily see all of its unique features up close. Each store is also equipped with digital signage to keep store content fresh and relevant.

"With our new store concept, we're creating a seamless experience from online to in-store for our customers," Raff continued.

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