Hermes Debuts Smartful Omnichannel Software

Hermes, a provider of end-to-end e-commerce and omnichannel services for fashion and lifestyle brands, announces the availability of Smartful, a one-stop omnichannel solution for fashion and lifestyle companies. Enabled by new organizational and IT infrastructure based on SAP, Smartful gives U.S.-based companies access to the same international, full-service options that Hermes  previously only made available to large online retailers.

Smartful supports companies in the fashion, home and living, consumer electronics and appliances industries. With its modular architecture, Smartful easily connects to any retailer's or brand's IT infrastructure. The basic module offers various fulfillment functions; the flexible framework supports add-on modules, supporting a company's individual needs.

Smartful's basic module includes warehousing, omnichannel fulfillment and returns management as well as standard integration with leading e-commerce and order management platforms. Also included is standard integration to leading local online marketplaces. Add-on modules offer customer services, financial services and carrier management. Other modules offer value-added services such as refurbishment and reconditioning, gift wrapping, multi-carrier solutions with leading local carriers, call-center services and secure payment systems.

"With the introduction of Smartful, we are combining our fulfillment expertise in a lean and tailored solution that will grow along with our customers," says Dieter Urbanke, CEO, Hermes Fulfillment GmbH. "Our objective is to provide optimal e-commerce and omnichannel support to companies that want to expand internationally with flexible components to ensure that they can focus on core tasks like product and brand development."
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