High Gas Prices Driving Many Consumers Toward Online Shopping


The rising price of gasoline is reflected in American attitudes towards shopping according to a consumer survey released by iCongo and conducted by Harris Interactive.

One third (33 percent) of online U.S. adults indicated they are more likely to shop online rather than in-person at a store due to the high price of gasoline.

The iCongo survey also provides insight into consumer attitudes regarding the upcoming U.S. federal tax rebate. A full 45 percent of adults said they plan to make retail purchases with their rebate, if they receive one. By contrast, just 21 percent of respondents in a recent CCH survey said they intend to spend it. A survey commissioned by the National Retail Federation came close to the iCongo number with 41 percent of respondents indicating they plan to spend their rebate.

Other survey findings:
- 57 percent of online adults said free shipping is a reason they are more likely to shop online as opposed to in a physical store;

- 55 percent said lower prices lead them to shop online over in a store; and

- 61 percent cited the ability to shop at any time as a reason they are more likely to shop online instead of in a store.

Free or discounted shipping and online-only pricing are widely available from e-retailers and are powerful factors that drive consumer interest in online shopping.

In a data point of interest to multi-channel marketers, the iCongo survey found that six percent of online adults would complete their purchase in store and have the merchandise shipped to them if the merchandise were out of stock at that store. This number may be considered rather large as only a small percentage of shoppers entering a store actually end up completing a purchase.

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