HighJump Adds New International Customer


Jack’s of Fiji (JOF), a top retailer in the Fiji Islands, selected HighJump warehouse management system (WMS) for its rollout at several distribution centers in Fiji. JOF is the first HighJump customer to implement the WMS in Fiji.

Due to its rapid growth, Jack’s Retail Limited, trading as Jack’s of Fiji (JOF), needed more space to store and manage its growing product offerings. This resulted in many separate storage locations with Jack’s having very little control over processes, inventory, receiving, dispatch and labor. By working with iWMS, an independent software developer, innovator and team augmentation partner, to implement HighJump WMS, Jack’s will streamline the diverse operations amongst its facilities, upping inventory accuracy, productivity and traceability while reducing overall costs.

“JOF is a world-class operation,” said David Houser, senior vice president, international sales at HighJump. “HighJump will assure the company has the flexibility it needs to meet its demands today and is ready for the growth and change of tomorrow. We look forward to watching this organization exceed customer expectations as they add more retail outlets across the island.”

To date, Jack’s serves customers through 47 retail stores located in all major towns and cities within Fiji, as well as top resorts in Nadi and the Coral Coast region. JOF has 14 department stores, 21 tourist boutique stores, 5 concept stores, 3 outlet stores and a specialized baby store. The varied locations of each store helps to serve a wide customer base in both tourist and local markets.

The adaptability and scalability of HighJump WMS also ensure Jack’s can meet its long-term goals. This includes a strategic directive to increase store locations in the Pacific and expand into diverse markets ranging from retail, manufacturing, construction and farming. In line with this, Jack’s plans to grow the current floor space at its distribution centers and increase the volume of its stock.

“We needed a flexible solution that could be implemented quickly for our fast-growing, diverse customer base,” said Bhavin Khatri, CEO at JOF. “HighJump WMS allows us to make changes very quickly, including sudden alteration to our supply chain operations for greater efficiency. It is the only supply chain execution software provider that proved they could meet our complex requirements.”

“HighJump WMS enables us to easily cater to customer needs and ensures fast and efficient delivery of products to all our retail stores,” added Khatri “The unique platform architecture is a perfect fit for our business. It’s truly owned by us as the user. There is nothing forcing us to go back to HighJump to adapt the WMS to new processes.”

iWMS Australasia, an extension of iWMS, is an international HighJump software service provider, operating out of New Zealand and servicing Australia and Pacific Islands. Since its inception in 2009, iWMS has expanded its operation to include iWMS Americas, iWMS Australasia and iWMS India. The iWMS headquarters is in South Africa.

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