Hobby Lobby Overhauls Brand Image with Website Redesign

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Hobby Lobby Overhauls Brand Image with Website Redesign

By Tim Denman - 11/03/2015
Hobby Lobby has updated its website and reimagined its brand image to greater align with the way its customers shop. The craft supplier and home dÉcor retailer integrated social sharing, videos, and how-to content in an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized format that is designed to provide an engaging experience. 

The mobile-friendly website features how-to and quick tip videos to inspire customers and complement the craft and dÉcor ideas highlighted on the company's other online channels, including Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. A new "add all to cart" tool allows shoppers to choose from popular project ideas and add all the related products to their online cart with a single click.

Before embarking on the digital redesign, Hobby Lobby surveyed its customer base to get a feel for the kind of features and functionality that the market was demanding. Surprisingly 18% of the retailer's customers didn't even know they could make Hobby Lobby purchases online, and 68% preferred the physical retail experience over online shopping. Hobby Lobby's consumers tend to be more tactile than the average retail shopper — preferring to look, feel and handle the material for their next craft project versus making a purchase decision based on photos and an online product description.

"A huge part of the redesign process was understanding what our customers thought of the online shopping experience and what they expected from us," Hobby Lobby VP and CIO Jeanne Cotter said at the SAP Retail Forum last month. "Our customers shop for price and selection. But a good number also love our exclusive products and creative inspiration."

Providing an interactive platform that provides inspirational project ideas was a core tenant of the redesign. About one-third of the site's real estate is devoted to inspirational content, one-third is corporate information, and the remaining one-third is focused on selling.

All of that content had to be readily available regardless of the device shoppers utilized to access the new website — 100% of the features are available in both the desktop and mobile variations. Thanks to the mobile-optimized platform, mobile usage has been off the charts.

"Our mobile numbers went crazy from the moment we went live with the new site," Cotter said. "We increased 70% on mobile phones overall and at key times we have seen an 80% increase."

In addition to the increased functionality of the new website, Hobby Lobby took advantage of the release of the new web property to update its logo and associated branding to greater align with the company's new digital focus.