Home Depot Announces Merchandising Transformation

Home Depot announces it is currently undergoing a merchandising transformation and is integrating new merchandising tools including an enhanced replenishment forecasting tool for all of its seasonal categories.

Over the past three years, the retailer has steadily increased the portion of SKUs that are on centralized, automated replenishment. This year, the retailer began the process of upgrading the tools used for the centralized forecasting systems.

By optimizing supply chain and replenishment capabilities, the retailer has experienced shorter lead times and improved in stock rates.

"These tools significantly improved the accuracy of the forecasting for seasonal products during the first quarter," said Frank Blake, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Home Depot. "Based on this success, we'll be migrating centrally automated SKUs to the new forecasting tools by the end of the second quarter."

Home Depot reveals the next IT project includes plans to drive space planning integration. This effort will link the retailer's assortment maintenance, forecasting and planogramming tools to our replenishment system.