HoodLamb Expands to U.S., Canada


HoodLamb, a European fashion house specializing in cruelty-free outerwear and knits, aims to address a serious market void for eco-friendly cold-weather alternatives.

Since 1993, HoodLamb has been pioneering hemp into fashion. As one of Earth's strongest natural fibers with an ecological impact lower than cotton production, hemp is perfect for outerwear. HoodLamb hemp is sourced directly from family-run farms across Northern China where it is harvested raw and spun into fine hemp thread for sustainable fabrics and technologies. Even the water-resistant coating on the jackets, called Hempulose, comes from the natural cellulose of hemp stalks.

HoodLamb balances conscious design with cold-weather functionality. HoodLamb's proprietary Satifur, an ultra-soft faux-fur lining that is made from recycled PET, provides sheer comfort and protection in almost every piece. Nordic Parkas, which are designed for the harshest climates, also incorporate cruelty-free Thermore® Ecodown® lining technology, which is a duck-less down insulation.

Consumers will also discover surprising design elements such as integrated backpack straps for mobility (on heavier parkas), secret document pockets, magnetic zip overlays that auto-seal the jackets, as well as a signature built-in rolling paper dispenser which pays homage to both hemp, and the brand's counterculture roots in Amsterdam.

The entire HoodLamb collection is Peta Approved Vegan with annual proceeds from sales supporting both PETA and the environmental NGO Sea Shepherd to further their missions.

Fashionable, functional and forward-thinking, HoodLamb continues to amass a growing tribe of consumers and celebrity fans.  As of Fall/Winter 2017, U.S. and Canadian consumers will be able to shop the brand's cruelty-free innovations including parkas, knits and cold-weather accessories at specialty stores across the country and via https://us.hoodlamb.com/

Since 1993, HoodLamb has been pioneering hemp into fashion.
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