Hot Tech for 2009

What will the hottest retail tech be in 2009? If these new product releases are any indication, retailers heading into 2009 will see products that are time-saving, damage resistant and faster than ever before. Retailers that continue to invest in innovative technologies have the benefit of staying ahead of competitors, improving performance and achieving cost-savings.  

A new metal keyboard from Cherry specifically designed for the kiosk is made of vandal-proof metal, meaning the possibility of damage is greatly reduced. Another unique product hitting the retail market is the Gryphon Imager from Datalogic, which offers  improved scanning performance on hard to read, damaged bar codes. Contactless pin pads also are picking up speed in retail, offering end-users the ability to easily connect to electronic cash registers and POS systems. 

In 2009, retailers also will begin seeing a more widespread launch of mobile storefronts thanks to companies such as Digby. Retailers can now display their mobile catalogs on smart phones such as the Blackberry and Apple iPhone.

Laser Marked Keyboard
A vandal-proof metal keyboard for kiosks and industrial applications was recently introduced by Cherry. The 67-key J86-4400 includes an integrated, lip-sealed trackball made of a phenolic material, designed specifically to resist attempted abuse by vandals. The keyboard also features keycaps that are non-removable and laser marked, rather than printed, which helps achieve long-term resistance against wear and weather.

"Green Spot" Imager
Datalogic's Gryphon Imager reads standard 1D bar codes as well as GS1 DataBar stacked codes. The Gryphon Imager features 'Green Spot' aiming technology while providing fast reading and decoding. Newly optimized, decoding software helps improve scanning performance on hard-to-read, poorly printed and damaged bar codes. The imager reads undamaged labels within 40 milliseconds and bar codes from contact to more than one meter away.

Mobile Integration
Powered by Digby integrates mobility into a retailer's sales and marketing without having to redesign their current offerings. Digby delivers mobile catalogs and native applications for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android. Powered by Digby extends the retailer's existing cataloging, account management and order processing systems. This mobile commerce platform also offers mobile-browser access, supports mobile promotions, multi-channel programs and coupons. 

Contactless PINPad
VeriFone introduces a contactless version of its PINPad 1000SE, which combines two payment peripherals -- PIN entry and contactless -- into one device. The PCI PED approved PINpad1000SE features USB or serial connectivity, which provides easier connection to electronic cash registers and POS devices. The PINpad 1000SE contactless version also supports non-payment applications such as MiFare. 

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