How Amazon, Stonewall Kitchen & Chewy Are Blending B2B with B2C for Deeper Customer Connections


Once upon a time there were B2B relationships and there were B2C relationships, and businesses could easily stay successful by keeping to one lane. Times, of course, have changed, and that was before the health crisis went ahead and placed all business strategies into the proverbial blender.

In “Global Consumer Goods Leaders on the Battle for B2B and B2C Relationships,” we explore how companies like Amazon, Stonewall Kitchen and Chewy are leveraging technology to stay connected throughout their customer journeys, while scaling their teams’ expertise to blend their B2B and B2C capabilities. With so much at stake, fewer companies are relying on retail execution to secure consumer loyalty.

Read on for an edited transcript and all of the presentation slides, which includes exclusive research from Salesforce surveying 500 global consumer goods leaders.