How AMMEX Managed an 800% E-Commerce Spike During COVID-19

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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AMMEX was able to scale its e-commerce operations by a whopping 800% during a surge of demand prompted by COVID-19.

The seller and distributor of medical and industrial-grade disposable gloves company lacked any e-commerce business two years ago and tapped Kibo to help implement one that could grow with the company and adapt to changing demand.

When the health crisis caused a surge in the need for personal protective equipment (PPE), AMMEX was able to streamline its order entry and processing for internal users and customers to a single unified interface. This efficiency in turn enabled the company to manage the dramatic increase in order volume, as well as prioritize healthcare and other essential clients over new and prospective clients to ensure inventory was managed to help during the pandemic as much as possible.

“In the midst of a pandemic, our goal is to serve our customers as effectively as possible, prioritizing healthcare workers and loyal customers quickly and with excellent service,” said Chad Ghosn, CTO at AMMEX. “Kibo’s e-commerce platform allowed us to do just that, even as our demand peaked up to 800% on our website.”

Ghosn noted that AMMEX didn’t experience a change in website performance during the surge. “We were also able to double the size of our internal e-commerce customer service team and train them on the Kibo platform within a single week to meet call-in order demand,” said Ghosn.

Companies such as Office Depot, Taco Bell and Patagonia are among the other retailers that leverage Kibo’s commerce solutions.