How Buckle Serves Military Customers

Buckle is a proud champion of the military, and shows its support in many ways, including by sending care packages to soldiers overseas. Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from select merchandise goes to military members and military non-profits. Since 2016, combined donations have totaled more than $95,500.

In its stores, the denim and casual apparel retailer shows its appreciation by offering a discount to members of the military. To ensure customer eligibility, the sales associate checks the military ID at the register and issues the discount.

As an increasing number of Buckle customers began to shop online, the retailer wanted to enable military customers to benefit from the discount both in-stores and online. In order to offer the military discount online, the company needed a secure and efficient method of handling ID verification.

That’s where SheerID comes in. The eligibility verification software provider allowed Buckle to offer discounts without interrupting the customer experience. After initially verifying a customer’s military credentials online, a 10 percent discount is applied to the online purchase and all purchases thereafter, each time the customer (or his or her dependents, who also qualify for the discount) shops online. Cassie McDonald, project manager for the program, said that 41 percent of verified guests who use the military discount are active duty, while 45 percent are veterans, and the remainder are dependents.

According to Diane Applegate, vice president of supply chain and merchandise operations, Buckle has found that offering the discount online has enabled military customers to easily reap its benefits, making verification across all channels possible.

Since implementation, the company has received a lot of positive feedback from customers about the offering. “SheerID takes care of troubleshooting any problems that a guest might encounter throughout the verification process. With SheerID, we’ve been able to verify more than 37,000 military personnel. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone involved,” Applegate said.


Jordan K. Speer is editor in chief of Apparel.

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