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How Companies Like Mars & Yum Use Spatial Analytics for POS Analysis & Customer Segmentation

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Ever-evolving consumer habits and the rise of hybrid work have changed the way that consumers live and move through the world. This has left many CPG and retail brands reassessing how their point-of-sale footprints stack up against these new expectations and requirements. 

More companies are now turning away from traditional market research datasets to alternative datasets and location-based insights for more accurate consumer insights to better understand how location impacts category performance. In this webinar, we’re joined by Matt Forrest, VP of Geospatial Analytics at CARTO, to discuss why companies like Mars, Unilever, and Yum! Brands are turning to spatial analysis to understand their target segments and the benefits they’re recording. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Why location data and analysis has become a go-to resource for CPG and retail brands looking for more accurate shopper insights

  • How Mars uses spatial analytics to optimize their smart vending machine network, including techniques for predicting performance, identifying areas for expansion, and forecasting revenue

  • How Yum! Brands uses location data and spatial insights for deeper consumer analysis, whitespace analysis, and revenue prediction to identify areas for expansion for their QSRs


  • Matt Forrest

    VP of Solutions Engineering

  • Lisa Johnston

    Editor in Chief

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