How to Influence the Shopper Journey with Live Data



The future of retail is data-driven, and retailers need cutting-edge solutions capable of gathering, analyzing, and helping them act on data during every moment of the customer journey.

In this webinar, we will look at the technology behind the full shopper journey from arrival to check out—and everything in between. Invest in the future of your brand by leveraging your live data to influence in-store conversions and grow basket size in real time.

We will explore how to:

  • Make an immediate impact by greeting guests with fully outdoor LED displays.
  • Leverage sensors to monitor and understand crowd flow throughout your store and take action by adjusting your staffing numbers to match your busiest hours.
  • Improve purchase consideration in your aisles by leveraging look-up displays, digital end caps, and product signage to drive traffic to high-converting areas of the store.
  • Increase checkout efficiencies and the experience for your shoppers with queue management and kiosks.


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