How Lowes Foods' Controls the Digital Customer Experience

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Senior Editor
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Regional grocer Lowes Foods announced its successful partnership with Delivery Solutions to own the entire digital experience from checkout to home delivery.

With this partnership, Lowes Foods gains additional fulfillment capabilities to serve guests through its popular Lowes Foods-To-Go offering, with access to the entire in-store inventory, real-time visibility and fast deliveries. 

Founded in 1954, Lowes Foods prides itself on delivering a great customer experience at its stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. With the surge in demand for online grocery shopping, the Lowes Foods team sought a multi-provider orchestration platform that would allow them to optimize customer experiences, unit economics and delivery coverage, without losing control of the Lowes Foods experience. 

Ultimately, Lowes Foods chose to work with Delivery Solutions, and the partnership has grown ever since. Delivery Solutions was already integrated with ShopperKit (acquired by Applied Data Corporation), Lowes Foods’ existing picking technology, which ensured a fast, smooth transition to offering same-day delivery. With Delivery Solutions, Lowes Foods knew it could promise that every order would be collected and delivered by the delivery provider best suited to meet the guest, store and order commitments. 

Delivery Solutions supported Lowes Foods’ trail-blazing vision and strategy, including the use of regional technologically dark providers alongside popular nationwide providers. The implementation also allowed Lowes Foods to optimize batching for pooled distribution with cargo trucks and vans, offer special delivery to lockers within senior communities, and make their entire in-store aisle available online with specialized delivery providers for alcohol and cold chain delivery. Lowes Foods can now meet promised delivery timelines and automatically route the order to the best provider, thanks to the solution’s built-in intelligent orchestration engine. Equally important, Lowes Foods is able to control the digital customer experience at every step of the way, with Delivery Solutions’ white-labeled, branded guest communications and real-time live tracking.

“Trust is paramount in the grocery eCommerce space—retailers are not only responsible for safe, fresh and accurate orders, but they must find ways to communicate with their guests and make them aware of essential elements of the online journey. Delivery Solutions allows us to centralize and streamline our last-mile fulfillment and provide the best possible delivery experience for our guests,” said Chad Petersen, vice president of eCommerce, Lowes Foods. “Another key advantage is the control and scalability that the platform provides our internal business team, allowing us to scale providers, rates, and geographies without a ‘heavy lift’ on coding or custom development.” 

By the end of the year, Lowes Foods will utilize Delivery Solutions’ same-day delivery and post-purchase solutions across all locations that offer e-commerce.

"We admire Lowes Food’s dedication to the communities it serves and are honored to help them provide the best possible fulfillment experience,” said Arshaad Mirza, founder, Delivery Solutions. “Grocers with top omnichannel experiences are leading the way in the industry, and we’re proud to work with an innovator such as Lowes Foods. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership.”