How Many Recycled Plastic Bottles Does it Take to Make a Dress?

9 ½ recycled plastic bottles = 1 dress. That's the future when it comes to sustainable clothing production from the Danish fashion brand, Jackpot. Material recycling is currently the most environmentally friendly type of production on the market. So it is really a natural step for Jackpot's designers to include recycled polyester in the clothing collections, which also feature organic cotton, linen, alpaca wool and Tencel.
The elegant grey dress, adorned with three exotic parrots, will be introduced as part of the spring collection 2012 from Jackpot. The dress is made of the polyester extracted from 9 ½ plastic bottles! With an appealing print in dusty purple cropped sleeves and delicately formed waist, there is nothing "recycled" about it. On the contrary, the dress combines the values of a perfect look, a good price and ethical environmental concerns. And who would have imagined all this could be achieved from just 9 ½ plastic bottles?
"Pure Love by Jackpot" now uses two types of polyester, won from pre-consumer recycled industrial polyester-production bi-products and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Both types help spare the environment and provide a fine alternative to organic cotton and linen.
To date, Jackpot has sold 950,000 pieces of sustainable clothing and used 430 tonnes of organic cotton in the clothing collections. The dress bears the same print as the season's Donation T-shirt and takes the Jackpot's tradition of sustainable fashion one step ahead. The Eriana Dress will be in stores from February 2012 with a retail price of price of DKK 999 or €129.95.
Jackpot Organic: sustainable fashion
Jackpot was one of the first fashion brands in Scandinavia to launch a collection of organic cotton. The company prides itself on being front-runners in the evolution of sustainable fashion. Recycled Polyester (recycled plastic bottles) is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, and this season you can find beautiful dresses, skirts, knits and blouses made of recycled plastic bottles.
Jackpot is also famous for fashion styles made of organic linen and cotton, and has sold one million styles made of sustainable fabrics to date. Jackpot launches a donation t-shirt every season, and this season you can help poor school children in Bangladesh, with a 5 Euro donation made for every t-shirt sold.
Look for Organic Pure Love by Jackpot and visit the Jackpot Webshop for further insights about how Jackpot works with sustainable fashion.

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