How Much Does Walmart’s Fridge Delivery Cost?

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Walmart’s new delivery service, in which associates deposit online grocery orders directly into refrigerators, is now available to over one million customers. And the retailer has finally revealed the cost for this time-saving service.

Walmart announced the service was coming back in June, and has now launched it to customers in Pittsburgh, PA, Vero Beach, FL, and Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas). It works like this: Customers place a grocery order and then select InHome Delivery and a delivery day at checkout. When the order is delivered, the driver uses smart entry technology, thanks to a partnership with smart lock manufacturer August Home, to access the customer’s home or garage and deposit the groceries directly into refrigerators.

Walmart InHome Delivery customer watching deliver on phone

So what will this level of convenience cost shoppers? The corresponding smart device needed will cost $49.96, but free professional installation is included. Once the lock is installed, shoppers can get unlimited deliveries for $19.95 per month with any $30 minimum order. The monthly fee can be paused or cancelled at any time.

At the time of delivery, delivery associates will use a proprietary, wearable camera to access the customer’s home which enables customers to control access into their homes and gives them the ability to watch the deliveries remotely.

Bringing this service to Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach is just the first step for the next-gen service. Walmart has already announced it plans to expand the service beyond these locales.

Walmart is offering the first month free currently. Customers across Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach can check to see if their address is eligible.

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