How One Retailer’s Digital Transformation Readied it for 50% E-Com Growth During COVID-19


Reaching today’s new consumer requires a solid digital strategy — not to mention a heaping spoonful of agility.

While COVID-19 has wrought great uncertainty, dramatic shifts in consumer behavior have also unlocked opportunities for savvy retailers. Successfully seizing these opportunities, however, requires both a next-gen tech infrastructure and the leadership to pull it off.  

In Digital Game Plan: How Motorola Responded to Growing Digital Demands and Emerged a Winner,”  a group of leading retail experts and insiders broke down how to respond to today’s customer demands, as well as execute a digital transformation journey within time and budget constraints.

In this edited transcript of the video webinar hosted by RIS and presented by VTEX, learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior and the changes that are going to stick
  • What retailers can do to get people back in stores and create frictionless digital experiences
  • The important role that failure plays in the innovation process — and how to embrace it   
  • The leadership mindset that makes this journey easier
  • How to translate business-speak to IT-speak to get buy-in at all levels
  • How automation can drive employee empowerment