How Reischmann Is Going Hi-Tech for Ecommerce Launch

German fashion retailer Reischmann acquired Dutch startup StyleShoots' unique photo technology to launch its new ecommerce websites. The family-owned business now offers customers a digital window store for the first time in its 150-year history.

Now in its fifth generation of family ownership, moving Reischmann's 150-year-old operations online proved challenging as the brand is strongly focused on creating a luxurious personal shopping experience for its customers.

"We don't just want to sell clothes. We want to sell a feeling. The experience of shopping — for us — has to happen in the store itself." says Thomas Reischmann, director at Reischmann.

Reischmann developed a digital window store using StyleShoots machines to shoot high quality images of their products. Instead of the purchase process being done online, shoppers are instead able to view and reserve items before being invited for an in-store fitting with a consultant.

"With our new website we want to offer the customer the possibility to get to know the world of Reischmann and get an experience of what it would be like to shop here," adds marketing manager Bernd Deuter.

Two StyleShoots photo machines — StyleShoots Vertical for shooting on a special ghost mannequin and Horizontal for shooting flat lay — are used in-house at its German workshop where samples are immediately sent for styling, shooting and publishing online.

The photography machines operate using a proprietary background removal technology. As products are shot, the background is automatically removed to create an image ready for use online. Lighting, camera and all hardware are controlled from a single simple iPad interface.

"Working with StyleShoots is a step forward for us because it's so easy to use and it's so fast," says Deuter.

A photo studio in a single unit — including Rotolight LED lighting and a Canon EOS 5D Mk III camera — StyleShoots' high—tech iPad controlled photo machines export a backgroundless image that needs minimal post-processing. This saves time and delivers a higher level of consistency in product photography.

As well as shooting images for its new online store, Reischmann is also able to use the machines to shoot pictures for its fashion editorials in digital and print.

"There are all sorts of different ways we work with StyleShoots. As well as shooting for our website, we immediately publish content to places like Instagram and create images for our's a really cool machine," adds Andrea Bulling, head of online marketing at Reischmann.

Sport Reischmann is the first of the German retailer's new branded websites to go online, with a launch of Mode Reischmann and Trend Reischmann scheduled for Q1 2017.

With StyleShoots now celebrating its fifth year of revolutionizing ecommerce photography, the Dutch startup's technology is used by fashion brands and retailers around the world such as Zalando, Forever 21, zulily, Boohoo, Billabong and many more.