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How Walmart, Home Depot, and Schnucks Are Changing the Workforce Tech Conversation

Workforce technologies are currently used across broad segments of the employee experience: providing better work-life balance through flexible scheduling; pulse survey tools to gather and listen to regular employee feedback; ensuring equitable salaries, rewards, recognition, and benefits through intelligent automation; and facilitating career agility through internal talent marketplaces, job platforms, and more.

However, decisions on where and how to make these investments should always be driven by what makes the most sense for the workers themselves. As Michael Schrage, research fellow, at the MIT Sloan School’s Initiative on the Digital Economy shares, “[t]he best and most persuasive way for leaders to lead is to ‘lead by example’ — leaders at every level of the hierarchy and chain of command must show how they use data and analytics to inform and influence their decisions and explain why. They need to make it clear that ‘analytic’ and ‘advisory’ resources provided to frontline workers are designed to make their lives and the lives of customers/shoppers easier, simpler, and better.”

Read on to learn how retailers such as The Home Depot, Schnucks, and Walmart are upping their workforce management game and maximizing frontline associate engagement with these cutting-edge tech resources.