How Walmart, Levi’s, and Nike Are Thriving Amid the Great Resignation

Workplace innovation

We are continuing to navigate a volatile, COVID environment, and the last two years have led to significant lifestyle changes. As part of that shift, retailers have continued to focus on efforts to attract and retain workers as job and workplace preferences drastically changed during that time.

Employees are now taking the reins, often demanding a gig-like environment that includes improved work-life balance, higher wages, better benefits, and more agency. In response, retailers are leveraging new tech to help recruit, train, and better communicate with employees, as well as implement strategies that eventually trickle down to the end customer, resulting in elevated consumer experiences. 

Retailers such as Walmart, Target, Nike, Levi’s, and more are transforming the modern workplace, embracing automation and technology like AI and ML. Using the backdrop of RIS’ latest research, learn how to apply these strategies to your own business to compete during this era of workplace innovation.