HP Debuts Tablet Sleeve Equipped with POS Peripherals

HP has introduced its Retail Mobile Point-of-Sale Case, an integrated sleeve that adds mag stripe card reading and barcode scanning capabilities to the HP Slate 2 tablet.

Store associates can also use the Slate 2's integrated WiFi or Bluetooth technology to access store and enterprise systems, allowing them to check inventory levels, the availability of alternate sizes and styles or a customer's purchase history. The tablet features an 8.9" touchscreen and also works with an HP Slate Digital Pen and Evernote software for taking notes.

The integrated tablet and case offers a bidirectional, three-track magnetic stripe reader (MSR) that can process credit, loyalty or gift cards and a 1-D and 2-D omnidirectional barcode scanner. The Case's MSR can be used in either encrypted or non-encrypted modes. The tablet features the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, enhancing its integration with many retailers' existing application infrastructure.

HP is working with several retailers to launch pilot tests of the device, according to Richard Arnold, worldwide marketing leader for retail solutions at HP. "We are presenting a vision to help retailers reorganize and reconstruct the user experience in the store," Arnold says. "With the advance of mobility and the new expectations of consumers, retailers need a solution strategy that can incorporate a combination of traditional fixed POS and mobile POS, as well as an understanding of the role of digital signage and similar vehicles to deliver real-time promotions to customers – while also recognizing that the shopper's own mobile devices will play a key role as well."

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