Human Solutions Takes Virtual Product Development to the Web

The Human Solutions Group is now featuring its simulation software, Vidya, in detail on its website.

With Vidya, the interaction of human, material and pattern for almost any garment (shirts, pants, dresses, coats) can be very accurately simulated in high-resolution. The program does not use generic avatars, but upon request can be delivered with a scanatar studio that corresponds to the standard sizes of SizeGERMANY.

With Vidya, materials are imaged according to their stiffness and drape behavior, and pattern and style changes are immediately visible. The program simulates all folds, seam types, darts, buttonholes and zippers, and if the pattern is changed, the simulation is re-created. Additionally, a 3D preview can be viewed in 2D to aid in collaboration.

In product development, the possibility to simulate a garment before you hold the stitched product in your hands allows you to check size and fit, color, fabric and applications, in all variants and sizes, early in the process, drastically eliminating the number of prototypes – and consequently, samples – needed.

The website features a new, responsive design, which dynamically adapts to the viewing screen size, so that it can be easily viewed on mobile devices.
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