Hypersoft's Digital Wardrobe and Fashion Mirror Transform the Shopping Experience

Hypersoft created Smarter Shopping Experience solution aimed at improving the customer experience while also providing information that otherwise would not be available, thus enabling business intelligence, analysis and planning activities.

Digital Wardrobe, a virtual, digital and interactive catalog of products that allows the customer to see more products in less time, lets customers pick a product that is always accompanied by beautiful and eye-catching animations, simulating a garment attached to an hanger http://youtu.be/EFPKfPrws6I

Digital Wardrobe help to accelerate the selection and decision process of the shopper by enlarging her immediate range of choice. Also it favors the interaction with the salesclerks who can help the customer select additional items to mix and match. It allows for up- and cross-selling because pressing "MORE" provides advice from the brand on what to pair: belts, shoes, perfumes etc.) with the clothes the shopper is considering. The customer also is solicited with the "most viewed" indications. For every garment that is touched, the relevant code is sent to the category manager, so that the overall vision of what is touched and tried on is visible. Coupled clothes codes are also sent.

A sales associate working with a customer can use Digital Wardrobe as a way to look directly at the inventory system and ensure the shopper can get any apparel item that's not available in the store,. It allows them to quickly find that item at a distribution centre (and e.g.) that can be shipped directly to the customer.

It sends the selected images/products to iPhones and iPads (the employee can then see on her iPad what she has to bring physically to the shopper, kind of like a purchase cart), integrate to show videos about the products you are selecting, integrate with stock management applications to show products local availability or suggest other stores. Furthermore, video analytics on the totem reveal who, when, and where  and happiness of the viewer-user. This can be coupled when possible with codes sent to the category manager.

The Fashion Mirror is a large mirror that is able to record and display with a 5-seconds delay a video of the customer trying on new products, allowing her to see her back. http://youtu.be/WgIhUn0fPsg

Known as one of the problems that occur in clothing stores or similar situations where it is necessary to mirror its appearance with a new item of clothing or a new hairdo, the mirror reflects adequately the front of the shopper but does not do the same for the rear. To see how the garments worn look from behind, the person is forced or writhe uncomfortably in front of the mirror or use a second mirror which is not always available and that, in any case, must be placed with a proper angle to reflect adequately the images.

The Fashion Mirror allows to overcome with elegance these drawbacks giving the unexpected possibility to the client to see her or himself from a 360 degrees perspective and letting the personnel of shop saving time: instead of being to maneuver other mirrors they will have way to focus with the client on the quality of the garment on trial or to serve other clients.

The Fashion Mirror is simple technology, elementary and intuitive to use. The client can send her own images to whatever social network or to an email address she pleas

Finally, with some small shrewdness to the net of the shops, the Fashion Mirror turns itself into a videocommunication station to communicate at an unprecedented level of quality, or in a easy to use training tool for the personnel or in a virtual expert for the demanding client who wants to interact with experts of the brand who obviously do not usually reside into the shop.
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