IBM Closes Acquisition of Web Analytics Provider Coremetrics

IBM announced the closing this month of its acquisition of Coremetrics, a provider of Web analytics software.

The acquisition of Coremetrics, based in San Mateo, CA, is designed to expand IBM's business analytics capabilities by enabling organizations to use cloud computing services to develop faster, more targeted marketing campaigns.

Coremetrics' software is designed to provide real-time intelligence on what customers are saying about products, content and services being offered to them, and to enable clients to make fact-based, accurate decisions about marketing expenditures. It is designed to help marketing teams gain deeper insight about their customers and present personalized recommendations, promotions and other sales incentives to customers wherever they interact with their brands including online, on mobile devices, through social media networks, kiosks and other more traditional channels.

Coremetrics' offerings are a new addition to IBM's investments in business analytics that will allow IBM to deliver powerful new intelligence tools into client's business processes. Utilizing new Web analytics capabilities, IBM clients will be able to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and understand the shopping habits, likes and dislikes of their customers.

"With this acquisition, IBM will give clients greater insight about customer behavior and sentiment about products and services, and give true foresight into their future buying patterns," said Craig Hayman, general manager, Industry Solutions for IBM Software Group. "The combination of IBM and Coremetrics will enable our clients to maximize marketing expenditures while also making the browsing, buying, banking or customer service experience more convenient, personal and interactive for their consumers."

Enterprise-class and mid-sized companies in all industries are increasingly trying to deliver more targeted, consistent marketing across all channels to motivate a variety of customer actions. Consequently, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are increasingly responsible for analyzing and predicting customer behavior, stimulating customer interactions and commerce, and developing a comprehensive enterprise marketing platform.

"IBM and Coremetrics can help businesses rapidly gain intelligence into social networks and online media sources through a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model and incorporate this insight into their business processes to create smarter, more effective marketing campaigns," said Joe Davis, CEO, Coremetrics. "Together, we can develop powerful new business analytics solutions, delivering a single source of information about every aspect of your online business -- every customer, transaction, product, channel and supplier -- to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and drive measurable business results. Further, we deliver on-the-go access to real-time analytics and performance data on all major smart mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android."
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