ICER Brands Improves SCM With Simparel ERP Upgrade

ICER Brands, LLC has selected the Simparel® Enterprise software solution to replace the legacy ERP system at its New York City headquarters. The new system promises to streamline operations, improve process controls and support future business expansion.   

According to ICER Brands CFO/COO Max Anteby, "As our business grows so does our need for accurate, timely information. We're confident that Simparel will give us a significant boost in providing us with greater visibility and control over our key business metrics. This, as well as helping us to increase the efficiency of our operations, will allow us to better serve our customers and support our continued growth."

In addition to replacing the core ERP requirements for the business, ICER Brands will initially focus on leveraging the Supply Chain Management (SCM) capabilities of Simparel Enterprise to improve tracking and transparency of global sourcing programs. Advanced Warehouse Management (WMS) tools built into the all-in-one solution will help improve inventory control and distribution processes to speed accurate and timely deliveries to a diverse retail customer base.  

"We are looking forward to ushering ICER Brands into the next generation of ERP," said Simparel senior vice president, sales and marketing John Robinson. "Like many other growing apparel and fashion-related businesses, ICER has recognized the need for a more supportive and responsive IT platform that can efficiently and effectively support expansion."
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