ID Group Improves Product Development With Centric

French designer and children's wear brand ID Group has deployed Centric Software's Centric 8 PLM software for its product development operations.

ÏD Group will use the Centric 8 PLM solution for retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies to enhance visibility and increase efficiency through the product development process, according to Isabelle Anton, head of product development and sourcing at the OkaÏdi brand of ÏD Group. "Centric will help us to have simpler and faster access to critical information and enable us to refocus on our true mission," she says.

"We heard great feedback from the market on Centric's experience, and ability to help us manage our creative processes so that we can work simpler and faster, and collaborate in a timely manner," says ValÉrie Capitan, head of product development and sourcing for the Jacadi brand of ÏD Group. "This PLM initiative is critical to achieve our goals. Its scope is wide, encompassing all processes from product ideation in our studio to taking purchase orders from our franchisees."

"Our mid-term plan is challenging, requiring the company to work differently in order to grow," says AgnÈs Dechirot, managing director of the Jacadi brand. The company plans a significant increase of turnover per square meter in its retail stores, and also an improvement in overall profitability, she adds. "Centric 8 gives us the tool to make that happen, and to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in our staff. We want to empower them with a simple tool that will enable them to refocus on their job."

The children's wear company will begin deployment with its Jacadi and OkaÏdi brands, and include internal users, suppliers and franchisees in the implementation. ÏD Group will integrate the Centric 8 software with two enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems it currently uses.
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