Ideel Manages Customer Marketing With Blueshift

Ideel, a Groupon company, has deployed Blueshift to power its transition from legacy email marketing to behavior-based consumer engagement and nurturing across multiple channels and platforms.

Ideel has millions of email subscribers and mobile app users, and is implementing Blueshift to intelligently and automatically manage the timing and distribution of the right content, to the right person, at the right time both in email and mobile push notifications.

"We chose Blueshift for its real-time segmentation and dynamic content personalization abilities that can be applied on email as well as mobile," said Saurabh Sharma, head of global marketing & special operations, Ideel. "We will now be able to meaningfully engage individual consumers across multiple channels and platforms, which was hard to do before."

Blueshift builds customer profiles by leveraging real-time behavioral data, in conjunction with historical CRM data. The solution also offers predictive capabilities for segmentation and personalization. Marketers using the platform can engage customers via email, mobile push-notifications, SMS, display ads and Facebook as well as other channels via API.
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