IKEA Rolls Out Loyalty Kiosks

IKEA, the home furnishings giant, implements a suite of self-service kiosks to improve customer in-store experience. Customers use the self-service kiosks to sign up to join the IKEA FAMILY loyalty scheme.

IKEA needed a quick, easy and instant way for customers to apply to its IKEA FAMILY loyalty scheme in store and implemented a suite of Xen X5 kiosks. The self-service kiosks offer customers the convenience of signing up in-store and in addition, loyalty scheme customers benefit further by being the first to know of upcoming promotions, sales and events via on screen information targeted solely at them.

"We are very happy with the IKEA FAMILY registration kiosks that are installed in all Belgian IKEA stores," says Tim Schroons, IKEA Belgium. "They allow us to have a much more efficient way of recruiting new IKEA FAMILY members without the presence of a co-worker being required. This versatile solution allows us to recruit new members and have existing members print out a temporary card or update their customer profile in a user friendly way".
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