Importer Alert: Some Embargoed Goods Can Enter This Week


Nov. 28 -- Importers that have Chinese-origin apparel in U.S. bonded warehouse storage can enter much of that merchandise this week -- but only this week.

The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA) has authorized the following categories of goods to be released from embargo:

*338/339 -- cotton knit shirts and blouses;
*347/348 -- cotton trousers, beeches and shorts;
*352/652 -- cotton and man-made fiber (MMF) underwear;
*638/639 -- MMF knit shirts and blouses; and
*647/648 -- MMF trousers, breeches and shorts.

Socks in categories 332/432/632 (part) may not enter.

Goods eligible for the early release must meet the following criteria:

1.)They must be in a bonded warehouse within the customs territory of the United States or in a U.S. foreign trade zone (FTZ). Goods stored in Mexico or Canada are not eligible for early entry.
2.)They were entered for bonded warehouse or FTZ storage before Nov. 8.
3.)At the time of their export from China, the goods were subject to safeguard restraints.

CITA's announcement about the release of embargoed goods came last Tuesday, November 22.

The decision to release some goods prior to February 2006, when they otherwise would have been eligible for staged entry, was one of the conditions of the recently signed bilateral textile and apparel agreement between China and the United States.

KATHLEEN DESMARTEAU is editor in chief of Apparel. She may be reached at 864-627-0276 or [email protected].

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