Infor Fashion PLM Helps Brands Trim Time-to-Conumer

Infor released its Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the company’s new application that helps link vital areas of product development to the supply chain – from line planning, design, development and sourcing, to production, inventory management, customers and distribution.

Infor Fashion PLM was written with a fresh approach, and every line of code was developed using the latest technologies to help brands, manufacturers and private brand retailers develop styles, materials and trims more quickly and efficiently, with more consistent quality, all while ensuring they stay on schedule.

This new solution is a key component of Infor Fashion. Infor Fashion PLM supports the design process, new collection development cycle, and streamlines the overall planning process. Each collection, style and its components are accessed through a meaningful and intuitive user interface that has driven processes for greater speed in daily activities.

Infor Fashion PLM is designed to serve as the platform and hub for a product development team, so that organizations can deliver better products to consumers faster, while eliminating unnecessary cost.

According to a recent Gartner report, "Growing business requirements have helped set the next stage of PLM development as an essential part of a well-coordinated, systematically integrated new product commercialization and launch platform."1

Infor Fashion PLM supports the parallel development and execution of new styles to speed up processes, shortening the time to consumer. Many common and time consuming repetitive tasks are automated and processed behind the scenes, enabling fashion designers to focus on being more creative and innovative. The user experience makes this solution quick to learn, which increases user adoption and reduces training time during the implementation cycle.

Infor Fashion PLM can interact with Infor, or third-party, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This allows original design concepts to be communicated clearly and executed accurately through every phase of development, production and distribution to the end customer. Reduce lead times, cut costs, and ensure quality. With Infor, organizations now have all the tools to convert creative concepts to commercial products more rapidly and accurately.

1Gartner Prepare for the Next Wave of PLM Innovation in the Apparel Industry, Janet Suleski and Lucie Draper, October 28, 2013.
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