Infor Introduces New Performance Management Tool

Infor releases Infor PM Business Edition, a performance management (PM) tool designed to help small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) automate planning and budgeting processes.

Infor PM Business Edition helps retailers model and test various business scenarios to create realistic financial and operational plans. The tool also helps enable company-wide collaboration through Web-based access to plans and data, and provides the ability to test 'what-if' situations to ensure the company is prepared for unknown events and to work backward from a key financial goal to identify contributing business drivers and required milestones.

Infor PM Business Edition's budgeting capabilities help retailers automate, manage and improve the budgeting process. Users can enter budget data through a central location. The budget controller monitors and manages the overall budgeting process through this same central location with a real-time view of the status of any budget. These capabilities ensure one version of the truth by eliminating multiple disconnected spreadsheets and providing a single location for all budgeting activity.

Infor PM Business Edition provides reporting capabilities that allow retailers to disseminate information to management in a timely manner. Through the included Infor PM Application Studio, companies can report on planning and budgeting data and integrate information from other sources in these reports.
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