Inovis Launches Social Network for Supply Chain Collaboration

Inovis, a provider of business community management software and services, has launched a social networking service for supply chains modeled after popular consumer websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The Inovis Social Network creates secure online communities for retailers and suppliers to communicate and exchange organization and contact information.

The Inovis Social Network creates an exchange that businesses can use to communicate changes in organization information, key contact information, roles, policies and procedures. In addition, users can use the service to send e-mail updates to the appropriate individuals to notify them of key issues, changes and information. 

For example, when a supply chain manager finds an error or problem in a purchase order or shipment, he or she can go online to quickly identify and contact the right person at the supplier, third-party logistics (3PL) provider or contract manufacturer who can help resolve the issue before it causes delays and errors in the supply chain. 

Contact data and organization details can flow into back-office systems, integrated by web services.

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