Inside Sephora's Magic Mirror

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Sephora has installed an intelligent digital mirror in its flagship store in Madrid on Calle Serrano. Powered by artificial intelligence, it delivers hyper-personalized experiences and product recommendations to shoppers.

Sephora teamed up with Wildbytes to launch the future-forward innovation. To recommend makeup, skincare, and fragrances with accuracy, the mirror uses a smart engine that accurately blends actionable insights about the person in front of it, including gender, age, look, and style. It can differentiate between people wearing neutral or bright colors, bold or conservative styles, and floral and geometric patterned clothing to name a few. Using these parameters, the mirror makes personalized recommendations to allow people to power up their look; for example, suggesting a lipstick to complement their scarf, or an eyeshadow shade to accentuate their animal-print dress.

In addition to analyzing what is in front of it, the mirror’s recommendations are informed by real-time contextual elements including climate, season, and top-trending items. For example, it may recommend a moisturizer on dryer days or a restorative skincare product at the beginning of the weekend. Finally, the mirror displays QR codes, allowing consumers to purchase the products on Sephora’s website or easily locate them in the retail space.