Intava Introduces Smart Merchandising System for Product Comparisons on an Interactive Table-Top Surface



NEW YORK--National Retail Federation Expo--January 14, 2008 -- New technologies are changing the retail industry dramatically, and Intava Corporation introduced one of the most innovative interactive merchandising systems at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Expo this week. Intava's latest-generation Smart Merchandising System empowers shoppers to compare dozens of products and receive personalized recommendations--all on a simple, fun touch-screen surface. By providing detailed product information during the point of decision, Intava's Smart Merchandising System helps develop informed, engaged and active shoppers from the moment they use the system.

A version of the new Smart Merchandising System, demonstrated at NRF, showcases Intava's system as it applies to the footwear industry, with expo attendees experiencing first-hand how the system aids shoppers in choosing running shoes. Shoppers can browse physical shoes on the shoe display wall and place them on a special sensor near the table to view detailed information on each shoe. Shoppers then can easily compare two shoes by placing them both near the table. Finally, shoppers can request particular shoe attributes and receive a personal shoe recommendation. The system is designed as a self-service, shopper-driven solution, requiring no help from store personnel.

"Once a passive experience, digital signage is evolving into an engaging, interactive medium that puts the shopper in control," said Troy Carroll, Intava CEO. "Intava is on the forefront of new merchandising technologies, providing retailers with compelling interactive product displays that incorporate the most powerful features of online shopping, presented with the level of simplification that retail environments demand. Our latest-generation system brings it all together--user engagement using physical products, smart comparisons and recommendations, and a horizontal form factor that makes interacting and shopping not just easy, but fun."

Challenging Purchase Process Simplified with Intava Smart Merchandising System

Through a simple yet compelling interface and superior design that draws the customer in, the Smart Merchandising System adds virtual shelf space to any retail environment, and introduces a customer to dozens of products from the touch of a table-top screen. The system demonstrated at NRF provides five key shopping elements:

1)      Attract Loop:  Comprises motion video, sound effects and text instruction to encourage customers to interact with the table and begin selecting various shoes.

2)      Product Information:  Displays features and information about shoes selected.

3)      Product Comparison:  Allows shoppers to contrast values for key attributes of each shoe, such as cushioning, stability, weight and price. Comparison is activated by simply placing two shoes on sensors near the table, and descriptive text summarizes the relative benefits of each shoe in a conversational way, such as "buy this shoe if" and "buy that shoe if"

4)      Product Recommendation:  A "Dial-a-Shoe" interface invites shoppers to select desired shoe attributes, such as more cushion, lower price, or lighter weight, and responds by suggesting relevant products.

5)      Virtual Shelf Space:  Allows shoppers to view more shoe models than can physically fit into the display. By sliding virtual shoe images across the table, shoppers can browse through a larger inventory of available shoes, with product photos and details displayed.

The new Smart Merchandising System gives retailers the tools they need to allow comparison shopping in the store, rather than having shoppers conduct research outside the store, such as online. Intava merchandising systems are well-suited to retail categories where several products with varying features compete for the shopper's eye, such as cell phones, flat-screen TVs, portable music and video players, housewares, shoes, handbags, and more.

With potentially dozens of products in any one product category, each with numerous features, retailers can benefit from Intava's Smart Merchandising Systems by giving shoppers the tools they need to avoid an overwhelming process and "decision paralysis." The Smart Merchandising System benefits retailers in three distinct ways: 1) gives shoppers the tools and information they need to make decisions in the store rather than away from the store, such as online; 2) piques their attention and drives shoppers to an interesting and engaging interactive shopping system; and 3) develops a more efficient sales floor with fewer and/or more effective staff who spend time selling rather than educating.


About Intava

Intava Corporation designs dynamic touch-screen systems that help shoppers make purchase decisions using product comparisons, 360-degree views, full motion video, detailed specifications, and more. Its sophisticated touch-screen systems bring products to life, integrate into store environments to promote products and brands, and help customers with selections and purchases, resulting in higher transactions and sales. Intava offers consulting services that help retailers design these effective in-store interactive strategies, while its scalable software platform supports one store or thousands worldwide. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Intava customizes and implements systems for major retailers nationwide. More information is at


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