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Integration Strategies

  • Buy Now, Pay Later vs. Traditional Store Financing: A Retail Primer

    Find out if buy now, pay later is right for your retail organization, and how best to board the BNPL train.
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  • Preparing for the Smart Store of the Future

    Find out where clever retailers are making strategic in-store investments to future proof the physical environment and ensure they make good on the promise of an experiential shopping journey.
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  • Deep Dive: How Sweetwater Builds Software and Personalized Experiences

    RIS sits down with Sweetwater's CIO Jason Johnson to dive into how the instrument retailer develops in-house tech to invoke its unique customer experience.
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  • 3 Last-Minute Tips From IT Pros Before the Black Friday Surge

    To guarantee shoppers can continue shop sales successfully during a period of heightened online traffic, retailers must rely on robust strategies at the back end. So what are some last-minute strategies for retail IT teams to handle the shopping surge that will begin this Black Friday season?
  • Critical Considerations for Frontline Workers in Retail

    COVID-19 has accelerated the need for retailers to significantly alter and enhance their operating models, incorporating best practices and technologies that empower employees to function as high-value, knowledgeable, customer-oriented members of the team.
  • A New Frontier for Frontline Retail Workers

    More than ever before, retailers must understand their customer-facing employees’ role and undertake initiatives to ensure that frontline employees remain safe, empowered, and satisfied on the job. Developing and acting upon this understanding is critical if retailers are to succeed in the wake of COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Virtual Fireside Chat: Retail's Grand Re-Opening

    To uncover how retailers can successfully reopen stores while continuing to make safety the number one priority, RIS hosted a virtual fireside chat with a leading authority on the in-store experience.
  • Macy’s Closing 125 Stores and Moving Tech Offices

    Macy’s is closing a chunk of its stores in “lower-tier” malls, slashing around 2,000 corporate jobs, and consolidating its offices to NYC and Atlanta, GA, which will serve as its primary tech hub. RIS talks to experts and connects Macy’s latest updates to retail’s larger trends.
  • Walgreens Advances Its Global IT Transformation

    The mega pharmacy chain is doubling down on IT innovation to accelerate digitization, drive efficiencies, and lower operating costs. See who Walgreens has partnered with to make its strategic vision a reality.
  • 2020 Store Experience Study: Convergence of Store and Digital Technology Redefines Retail

    The 17th Annual Store Experience Study examines a transitional moment when the beauty and strength of stores combines with the efficiency and intelligence of digital technologies to create a convergence that redefines retail.
    2020 Store Experience Study
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Quickly: The Journey to Progressive Delivery

    Progressive delivery is the process of releasing updates to a product gradually. You start by releasing the changes to a small audience and then gradually to larger audiences. Learn why progressive delivery is so powerful and how it allows retailers to avoid downtime, limit blast radius, and learn during the process. 
  • Retailers: It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for 2020 Holiday Shopping

    While exhausted retailers might want the 2020 holiday shopping season to be the last thing on their minds right now, there is actually no better time than the present to consider how technologies will impact your in-store experience in the year ahead. Here are four things retailers should keep in mind while building their retail strategy for 2020 and beyond.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Integration Strategies.