Intel, Levi's Pilot Real-Time RFID Inventory Program in SF

Technology and innovation continue to transform the way we live, changing the way we move, interact and carry on our daily lives. Retail is an industry that celebrates its traditions and roots while constantly innovating to better engage and inform consumers, and Intel has been working with Levi Strauss & Co. to bring new inventory technology to life for the Levi's* brand.

Intel recently began working with the Levi's retail team to explore technology in a proof of concept to deliver near real-time inventory monitoring in the Levi's® Plaza Store in San Francisco. Using RFID tags on all items in the store, Intel gateways, Intel-powered sensors, and cloud-based analytics, can help the Levi's team gain visibility into what's on the shelf or what might be running low, making the process of inventory management more effective. This means that when the consumer comes into the store looking for a perfectly fitting pair of jeans in a specific size and color, it's on the shelf, and the store associates can spend more time delivering a great shopping experience to the consumer and less time checking the back for sizes. A video of the solution in action is available here.

Technology helps remove the friction of everyday life to make things easier and more efficient, taking traditional concepts and making them new. This proof of concept from Intel and the Levi's brand is a promising step toward helping consumers answer the question: "I wonder if the store has my size?"
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